the small place for “big ideas”

Many of our finest treasures are often well kept secrets. Hotel Jeløy Radio is one of these – a little gem, surrounded by natural beauty and situated on a picturesque headland just off the Oslo Fjord.

The hotel building is steeped in history, having evolved from an old radio station into what is now a conference hotel with a unique atmosphere. The building, which completed in 1930, is a really imposing pearl in the style of Functionalism. It was built by the Norwegian telephone company, and would primarily serve to broadcast short wave transmission all over the world.  In the middle of the 60’s however, much of the communication was sent by cable and later by satellite, and in 1995 the station was shut down.

Here was this wonderful pearl close by the sea with 2 kilometres of shoreline, and an idea was born: to develop this little gem into a one of a kind hotel with high standards. Our dream was to create an inspiring hotel between the borders of tradition and trends, quality, and creativity. And we dare to say with both humility and pride that we have succeeded.

We receive many positive feedbacks and our experience is that our guests appreciate the staff’s warm welcome – a professional, but cheerful atmosphere and an authentic butler at their helm. In addition to the genuine and the sensual that we value, there is room for laughter and job satisfaction, both in front and behind the scenes.

Our focus on architecture, Scandinavian design and art, gives us both joy and inspiration and we are delighted that many leading designers and artists have chosen to exhibit their works at Jeløy Radio.

If you are looking for an unforgettable experience that combines the sea, panoramic views, harmony, tranquillity and playfulness, then we gladly invite you to visit Hotel Jeløy Radio – a place to think big thoughts and relish small pleasures!

Best regards,

Kirsti Albert
Hotel manager